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1-on-1 Jungian Astrology
YOU are the pathway home


1-on-1 personal coaching
YOU are the pathway home

Do you find yourself in an old pattern that repeats itself?
Do you feel like there’s a blind spot that you just can’t see in yourself?
Would you like to find new ways to be and move in your life? Unlock New pathways inside you?

I can help you to find ways to get out of old patterns and old ways of seeing yourself. Nothing needs to change in your life in order for you to be new and more empowered. Only your patterned ways of seeing yourself and your life.

In Jungian Astrology we look and reveal the shadow side in us. The part that is hidden, but often runs our life unnoticed. When you see these shadows you release them and they can come up into the light. I can help you to be openly and softly in what is coming up and not push it away and try to fix it.
What we all need is Kindness. kindness towards ourselves in this world of difficulty and stressful circumstances. When I learn to be kind and soft towards myself I automatically be that towards others in my life.

Kindness works

Learn how to parent yourself in kindness. See your shadows as children who have been left behind and are just wanting to be seen and loved.

Hi. I’m Tuuli.

I’m a coach and educator based in Edmonton, Canada.
I love to support people grow what is meaningful, vital and authentic.

Change Your Life In 5 Steps










new pathways

Bring your awareness to your body

Allow all the thoughts, feelings and sensations that are happening now to be felt, seen and held

Just beneath the surface there is newness and wisdom to be heard

Keep on practicing.
You can’t fail

In time, new pathways are created and your own authentic wisdom is coming to the surface


My Article

Interview with coach Tuuli Nelson by Anna Adhemar

Q: Tuuli, as a therapist and as a lay person who has had sessions with you, I am touched and fascinated by your work. What you are doing appears to be drawing from a much deeper source and facilitating empowerment in way which transcends the normal concepts of coach-client relationship and journey . . .


“I believe the greatest gift we can give each other is to offer a space of warm and unconditional holding and deep listening – a relational space where nothing is wrong, and nothing needs to be ‘fixed’. In such a meeting of profound presence and acceptance, it is possible for us to truly relax and awaken to the inherent kindness and intelligence we really ARE. From this perspective we truly see and then we just know how to move.” Tuuli Nelson


“Opening our hearts to suffering is not something most of us have been trained in, and it can feel impossible or even crazy to attempt. But within an environment of self-compassion, we can lay down a new pathway that will replace the habitual reenactment of an earlier environment of aggression, shame and misattunement.”

Matt Licata

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