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About Tuuli

Tuuli is an experienced Personal Coach who has been supporting adults, children and families for the past 7 years in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also an accomplished Jungian astrologer with a wealth of experience in this domain.  She has worked a great deal with special needs children and their families, but also adults from all walks of life.


Tuuli loves to support people in finding new pathways by which they may move towards a life of greater meaning, authenticity, connection and coherence. With her warm-heartedness, perspective, honesty and ability to deeply listen and attune to what is real, Tuuli holds the space for unfoldment of a journey towards greater self-compassion and empowerment.

Born and raised in Finland, Tuuli has spent much of her adult life travelling and living in different countries such as Australia and South America. This has given her a great level of insight into other cultures and peoples. She is mother to a beautiful daughter.

The following psychotherapeutic modalities resemble the unique work that Tuuli does: compassion-focussed therapy, self-compassion therapy, mindfulness-based approaches and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

However, Tuuli does not work according to any specific therapeutic model, and would not describe her work as therapy, but coaching or guidance which can bring forward the essence or truth of what you truly are. In this way, Tuuli is essentially informed by the profound intelligence and kindness that naturally arises when we meet in the present moment, unconditionally open and deeply listening from the heart.

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