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1-on-1 personal coaching
YOU are the pathway home

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In-person Sessions available at Wellness on Whyte, located in Edmonton, Alberta.


Zoom Sessions available also. Call or text 780-993-9411 or click to book a session.


Birth Chart Consultation:

$130 for an in-depth 90 min session

Transit Consultation:

$130 for an in-depth 90 min session

Astrology Package- Birth Chart and Transits Consultation:

$210 for a 2 hour+ session that can be broken into two sessions to honour time availability.

*Prices includes pre-session work and must be paid 2 days prior to the scheduled session.

Initial Transits Consultation

As you explore your transits during this 90-minute consultation, you are provided with an opportunity to look at what to be more aware of right now.  It will provide you with keys and clarity to be more empowered and authentic in your life.

When Astrology refers to ‘Transits’, it is speaking about the location of the outer planets in the current sky in connection to your birth chart.  Outer planets are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto.

First, you will explore what houses the planets are traveling through right now. For example, having Neptune go through your 9th house, which can take 4 to 10 years, can mean that your mind is merging with something bigger than yourself. You might be feeling very aware of your oneness with everything and everyone, wanting to be more available to others or help others in some capacity. This same Neptune might also be affecting your Venus on your birth chart and bring about a very idealized and romantic new relationship into your life or awaken a deep yearning within you for a deeper, more meaningful relationship.

Looking at Transits is like listening a weather report. They provide you with an overview of the kind of weather systems that are currently moving in your life and in what areas. Perhaps a storm is coming to clean and transform you or maybe there are nice, sunny days to bring stability and balance.  Typically, there is a variety of weather conditions taking place at the same time in different areas of our lives.

You do not have to have a birth chart consultation to enjoy a transits consultation.

90 min $130

Initial Birth Chart Consultation

During this 90-minute consultation, your birth chart and your natal potential will be discussed in depth. Tuuli provides a magical journey to your hidden potential and illuminates the shadow side that impacts your life without your awareness.

During this deep, heart-centred consultation you will find new opportunities and abilities that will provide tools to become more empowered in your authentic expression and to move in life with more depth.

Transits consultation may be paired with a birth chart consultation for a discount.

Although Tuuli aims to complete a chart reading in the allocated appointment time, if more time is required to complete the reading, a client will be required to book a follow-up appointment (see pricing below).

90 min $130

“I believe the greatest gift we can give each other is to offer a space of warm and unconditional holding and deep listening – a relational space where nothing is wrong, and nothing needs to be ‘fixed’. In such a meeting of profound presence and acceptance, it is possible for us to truly relax and awaken to the inherent kindness and intelligence we really ARE. From this perspective we truly see and then we just know how to move.” Tuuli Nelson


“Opening our hearts to suffering is not something most of us have been trained in, and it can feel impossible or even crazy to attempt. But within an environment of self-compassion, we can lay down a new pathway that will replace the habitual reenactment of an earlier environment of aggression, shame and misattunement.”

Matt Licata

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