Tuuli was born in Finland and spent much of her adult life traveling in Europe, Australia, and South America. She fell in love with astrology when she was 17-years old, then found Jungian Psychology-based astrology and studied famous Jungian astrologers including Liz Green and Howard Sasportas. She started giving astrological readings in Finland and, in the midst of her traveling, she got married and had a daughter here in Edmonton.

With 35 years of experience in Jungian Astrology, Tuuli combines mindfulness-based counselling and Jungian astrology in a unique way. Her psychic abilities add a depth and often a surprise element to her heart-focused readings. She describes the heart as “the meeting place of the individual and the Divine,” where the inner ground of authenticity and integrity is found.

Tuuli shares that “the process of becoming oneself means coming back to the heart, a path that can be full of pitfalls and challenges for anyone with the courage to take it. The journey of the Soul is about being open and vulnerable. It is about discovering the beautiful inner seed and potential in you that you are here for according to the Planets and Moon Nodes on your personal Soul Map.” Tuuli’s readings are an experience, and she looks forward to helping you do just that.

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